Leon Goertzen specializes in a combination of deep tissue and swedish massage. He also incorporates elements of Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Acupressure, and Sports Massage to work on areas where the client may be experiencing pain or discomfort.  In a treatment, he intuitively finds areas where muscle tissue is tight or "knotted up" and works to relax those muscles.  His intent is to help his clients feel balanced and relaxed so that they leave the massage table with a restored sense of well-being.  Leon is a massage therapist certified with the California Massage Therapy Council. He is a graduate of the National Holistic Institute and UNC School of the Arts.  


At an early age I realized everyone's skin is different. My dad, with a French background, was very fair skinned, opposed to my mom who was born in Belize and has a year-round tan. When my dad was diagnosed with skin cancer in my teens, I learned about the importance of taking care of your skin. This is what inspired me to begin my career in the beauty industry. Today, 19 years later, my goal is to educate my clients how to properly care for their skin. I was so blessed to team up with two very passionate skin and body rockstars, and create "The Fix," where everyone who walks through our doors feels at ease and relaxed the moment they walk through our doors. We are by appointment only so we can give our undivided attention and customize each treatment for each individuals needs and concerns. I shoot for that inside-out approach to make your skin and spirit glow after each session. I welcome you to be my guest, take some time to get pampered, and say I love you to your skin.



I became obsessed with skincare from an early age, after discovering my first mask, and turning my slumber parties into spa parties. Over the years I’ve worked in amazing spas, with truly talented people, learning to transform acne into beautiful skin, and the wildest eyebrows into a work of art. Gaining your trust, and helping you feel and look your best, is always my first goal. For me, attention to detail is so important, and I feel personally responsible for you, the work I do, and the impression I leave. Spending over 15 years in this industry, working alongside dermatologists, cosmetic nurses & educators, developing a wealth of knowledge and skill, I knew I wanted to create opportunities for people to receive meaningful skincare, through catered treatments. My passion for skincare has finally led to opening my own business with likeminded artists. I decided on the name, “The Fix”, because for me, and my partners, it was about creating a place for people to come and feel better in an instant. 


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