To become a true waxing professional, you have to be completely comfortable with removing any type of hair (short, long, thick, unruly, etc.), completely from the follicle, all while ensuring your client is completely comfortable, and relaxed, feeling virtually very little pain. You, the waxer, must remain confidant, and completely in control.


You must ensure your client knows what to expect after their wax. How to properly protect & care for their skin. Rebook their next appointment, and maintain an optimal waxing regimen. All of this should be achieved in a very short amount of time, helping your client get in and out, to make the most of their schedule and your own.

Ideally, bikini waxes regardless of style (from basic to brazilian), should be performed in less than 20 minutes. Eyebrow shaping or design, 15 minutes. Full leg waxing can be done in less than 45 minutes. Waxing with speed and efficiency is a lucrative part of business for any Aesthetician, or Cosmetologist.

For the waxing professional, optimizing your clients experience and service time, will provide more revenue, and more client retention. Being properly trained in both strip and strip less waxes will provide you with the best reputation and sought after business practice.

At "The Fix", we challenge, and invite those seeking to perfect their waxing abilities, to take advantage of our full day course class, and receive all the skills you need to be an amazing waxer.




Our classes cover: Proper technique & body positioning. Explanation of different waxes & most effective use for each body region. Pre and post wax instructions for your client. Successful time reduction to increase your profit and insure your position as a sought after industry professional!


ALL CLASSES are 6 to 8 hours long, limited to 10 students per class. Each class consists of in depth product overview, techniques performed on model, followed by hands-on application of techniques by student. 


Our “everything you need to get started” help kits, are available at an additional cost. WE LOOK FORWARD TO HOSTING YOU!


This introduction to the world of bikini waxing, covers basic, betweeny, and brazilian style waxing. Whether your dealing with very little hair removal, or the full monty, you will be fully prepared after this sought after bikini boot camp 101!


PRICE : 175.00


Learn how to effectively use this ancient middle eastern recipe, of natural ingredients like, sugar, water and lemon juice for hair removal. This technique removes hair in the same direction as hair growth, rather than the opposite, like traditional waxing. 

An excellent alternative to those that have an affinity for au-natural ingredients, or sensitivities to more traditional wax.


PRICE : 140.00


Prepare yourself to be confidant waxing any part of the body with speed and precision. Understand how to navigate all those nooks and crannies (yes, elbows and knees can be easy), resulting in the most comfortable & virtually pain-free experience for your client.

Learn how to shape, tweeze, and trim, even the most unruly of brows. The best kept secret for a new look, and instant “face lift” without the expensive price tag.


PRICE: 150.00


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