At The Fix, we believe in using products that compliment our philosophy; to provide personalized & sublime skincare. From mild to actively transforming, we use consciously sourced ingredients from nature. All of our facials were designed as “facial tonic treatments” to leave your skin in an optimal state of health.


45 min/$85

The perfect "maintenance" facial gets you in and out and allows for easy monthly maintenance in between extractions and more in depth treatment. With focus on deep cleansing, exfoliation, choice of LED-light therapy or customized mask.  Endingwith topical vitamins, this facial leaves your thirsty skin quenched, while balancing imperfections. 


60 min/$105

This is the most popular fix for any skin type. The Porefection combines our Quick Fix treatment with a hydrating AHA (fruit & sugar acid) or enzyme peel for deeper exfoliation and pore clarifying extractions,

that will leave your skin "breathing," happy, and healthy. 

Because our skin is the bodies largest organ constantly exposed to the environment, it's important to care for it with topical ingredients, and professional treatments like facials and massage.


Our unique skincare lines were hand picked for their anti-aging formulations and origins to nature. Infusing active fruit and sugar acids, and enzymes, with antioxidants & naturally occurring raw ingredients, your skin will come alive after experiencing our facial treatments.

Our extensive menu options were created to provide optimal skin remedies, that target your specific skincare needs. Wether your treatment goals are occasional, long-term, or just monthly maintenance, we welcome the relationship with you and your skin.  



75 min/$125

The Porescription combines our Porefection treatment with a deep dermal peel to address more specific conditions, while stimulating new collagen & cell turnover. Feed your skin with this revitalizing treat.


50 min/$105

Our solution for deep exfoliation + resurfacing. We combine derma planing with a deep peel. Customized according to your skin type, derma planing removes unwanted facial hair, layers of epidermal dead cells, & aids in deeper penetration of acids or enzymes to stimulate cell turnover, boost collagen, target discoloration, & even out the skin tone.


90 min/$150

2 Add-ons

105 min/$170

Treat your skin on a deeper level with all the benefits of our popular “Porescription” treatment with more correction, relaxation & pampering. The ultimate in relaxation. We customize your treatment with one (90 min) or two (105 min) corrective add-on's according to your skin’s specific condition and needs. 


Address dehydration, discoloration, acne, loss of elasticity & more with our corrective add-on options.



TRADITIONAL L.E.D- (light therapy) uses controlled, artificial ultraviolet red & amber light, to reduce & reverse skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, & inflammation, while stimulating cell regeneration & new collagen formation.

DEEP PORE CLEANING-your pores never looked so good with more extensive extractions!
CORRECTIVE MASQUES- (hydrating, brightening, oxygenating, firming).
DERMAPLANING - a relaxing exfoliating treatment utilizing a sterilized surgical tool to"shave"dead surface cells, and remove fine hair (peach fuzz) from the face.

ADVANCED PEELS-alpha hydroxy & enzyme




NECK & CHEST CORRECTION-peel or LED therapy, can substitute face option or add-on additionally./$35






Discover microcurrent with our"fixlift"treatment.Clinically tested to contour, tone & firm the skin, microcurrent uses low level current to stimulate facial muscles & the proteins responsible for collagen & elastin, providing both instant & cumulative anti-aging results. FDA proven to treat & re-train facial paralysis & sagging muscles, this exercising facial therapy provides results and a relaxing workout for your face.





Loved by dermatologists, skin guru’s & celeb’s, our  award-winning advanced light therapy stimulates deep, impactful results through direct contact with the skin. Energy from photons is transferred & carried through cells, penetrating deeper into the skin, providing both immediate & long-term results. With specific phototherapy treatment times & wider array of corrective benefits than traditional LED, your skin will reap the rewards of this luxe facial. Treatment includes; deep cleansing, corrective extractions, peel, Bio-cellulose masking, toning and tightening therapy, & targeted light therapy.

Clinically proven single, dual, or tri-wave technology to treat specific skin conditions.



BLUE-ACNE (destroys the p.acnes bacteria)

GREEN-HYPERPIGMENT (lightens & reduces existing pigmentation)

YELLOW-DETOXIFING (improves overall complexion)

RED- RESTORATIVE (reduces line & wrinkles, texture & tone)

WHITE-ANTI-AGING (increases elasticity, loose & sagging skin & collagen loss)

 "FIX" LIFT      90 min/$150 


Accelerate your skincare with Lauren, and discover our advanced "fixology" treatments combining tradition, with ingredients and science for the ultimate fix in transformative facials.


90 min/$185

50 min/$120


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