60 min. The Fix Mix Massage $80

60 min. Full Fix Aromatherapy Massage $90

60 min. Pre-Natal / Postpartum Massage $80

60 min. Sports Therapy / Rehabilitative $100

75 min. The Fix Mix Massage $100

75 min. Full Fix Aromatherapy Massage $110

75 min. Pre-Natal / Postpartum Massage $100

75 min. Sports Therapy / Rehabilitative $100

90 min. The Fix Mix Massage $125

90 min. Full Fix Aromatherapy Massage $125

90 min. Pre-Natal / Postpartum Massage $115

90 min. Sports Therapy / Rehabilitative $140 


The Fix is about you getting what you need. Whether you’re here to relax, relieve stress or just treat yourself, we’re here to meet your needs. 

We use Santa Barbara Massage Creams, all natural with Olive Oil, Bees Wax, Coconut Oil and essential oils for aromatherapy sessions.

Pick the massage that works best for you, & let our talented therapist do the rest! Massage is called "therapy" for a reason. 

The Fix Mix Massage

Bodywork is about your body. We incorporate Classic Swedish, Detox

and Trigger Point techniques to help you relieve stress, reduce pain and

to get you feeling good in your skin.

The Full Fix Massage - Sensory Aromatherapy Massage Experience

Reducing anxiety, boosting energy, relieving stress, and increasing

circulation, are just a few of the benefits you can enjoy with the Full Fix

aromatherapy experience.

Pre-Natal / Postpartum Massage

Whether you’re in Pre-Natal prep mode or need Postpartum relief,

we’re here to help. Parenting isn’t always easy, so take a moment or 75

to catch your breath.

Sports Therapy / Rehabilitative Massage

Relieving the tension caused by high stress or sports related injuries

means more pressure for reaching deep through the layers of muscle

and surrounding tissue.


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